Love is On®

Go solo, go with a date or with friends!  Love is On® is an evening out at a concert hall with the chance to mingle.
Ever dated and thought it was a wasted night? At Love is On® that’s impossible! Come and listen to a great concert and then, if you wish, mingle in one of the designer zones with other like minded people to whom you’ve been matched through the Love is On® app.
Wanted to go along to support a friend whilst they date? Come along and have a great time!
Looking for somewhere to have a first/second date? Come to Love is On® and enjoy not only a great concert experience but also access after the concert to the various designer zones. There you can get to know one another better and use the Love is On® app to shed light on each others emotional responses during the concert .



Singles and their friends come to the concert hall. There they download the free Love is On app. During the concert listeners will use the app to register their musical preferences. The app uses the Love is on algorithm to match participants with their top five matches, given their inputed criteria and reactions to the music during the concert. After the concert there are a variety of after coloured after party zones. You’ll be directed to which one matches your inputed responses best and where your best matches can be found. The concert will be hosted by a well known presenter and the orchestra conducted by Marcel Thomas. The concert will include an ongoing quiz with the chance of winning a surprise prize. On the stroke of midnight the event comes to an end and the app and collected data is automatically deleted.


For whom?

Love is On is for music-loving singles and their friends. Just a night out or looking for a partner? You can do both at Love is On. Film music, romantic music, spectacular music. Which style of music suits you and your date best?

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