Cultural Innovations

Sonolux is a cultural production house for innovation in art.
Our focus is on combining the inherent strengths of traditional art forms with new technical innovation whether acoustic or visual. We feel a meaningful artistic experience can be further enhanced with this cross temporal, intersectional interaction.

Love is On

Love is On is a symphonic dating concert where music connects people through the shared listening experience of a concert and interactive technology.


The Emoticoncert is a spectacular and versatile production using large projected 3D emoticons. During the performance these floating holographic projections interact live with musicians and actors to add an extra storytelling dimension.


With the advent of Augmented Reality and holographic projections, ARConcerts facilitate paired storytelling of visual-sound programming, in concert hall settings.

Once In A Lifetime

Come together with 400 international singers from around the world and perform with a professional orchestra, singing in the iconic Concertgebouw in Amsterdam about a better future.

Virtual Gallery®

Virtual Gallery brings the worlds of art and technology together in a versatile, user friendly, virtual gallery environment.

About us

Initiator of Sonolux is conductor and entrepreneur Marcel Geraeds (AKA Marcel Thomas). What started as a private initiative to make an holographic animation film on Coplands Clarinet concerto, became a company in which the newest audio and visual techniques are integrated into the classic art forms.
Each production a special team is formed with visual artists, IT-specialists, graphic designers, VR-programmers, 3D-animators, but also directors, producers and marketeers.
Because of our network over the world, we can create the perfect team for the production at a reasonable price.