Virtual Gallery®

Art moves, connects, inspires and needs be experienced first hand.
The physical offering of art is no longer the only way to reach the general public.
 Works of art are increasingly shown through multiple platforms,
physical, virtual, off and online.

“Absolutely amazing! Best gift of the day.”
Eppo van Nispen tot Sevenaer,
Director, museum ‘Beeld en Geluid’ during Dutch Media Week 2019


Virtual Gallery® brings the world of art and technology together in a unique user friendly, customisable platform. Designed to increase access to visual art, it can be used by museums, galleries, private collectors, auctions houses, in fact anyone wishing to display works of art to the broader public. 

Virtual Gallery means you can: 

  • Chose from a variety of (gallery) environments or commission your own.
  • Increase the space and number of galleries your art works are shown in.
  • Have enormous freedom in how works of art works are displayed.
  • Give visitors a natural experience in your Virtual Gallery as they walk through it at their leisure.

In collaboration with the Faculty of Industrial Design and Engineering at TU Delft, we have the capacity to scan works of art into the Virtual Gallery at the highest possible quality available today.
Virtual Gallery is uploaded into the latest Oculus Quest VR goggles which are light to wear, deliver high quality resolution, making them user friendly for both visitor and gallery owner.


Target Audience

Virtual Gallery is targeted to bring 2D and 3D art to a broader audience within an established gallery experience.
It can also be used to enhance the gallery experience with different environments in which art work can be displayed.
It also offers a user friendly platform for viewing and experiencing VR art, enabling this type of art to be more easily accessible to the general public.

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